Launch of Online Course: Rasha Lulua Music Theory For You

The Online Course “Rasha Lulua Music Theory For You”

provides everything aspiring Singers, Instrumentalists and Composers need to know about Major and Minor Scales

No matter what musical instrument you are learning, this online course is for you if you are an aspiring Singer, Instrumentalist or Composer. So check it out 🎶

Rasha Lulua Music Theory For You – Online Course


Rasha (Arabic for “the one year old fawn”) is a freelance piano and music teacher. Rasha received music education from renowned Russian and Hungarian teachers at the Bagdad Conservatoire, in Cambridge and at the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts. In 1983, Rasha graduated as a Piano Teacher. Since then Rasha has taught and teaches piano students of different ages and levels in Austria, UK and in the UAE.

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