Q: How many piano lessons per week should I have?

A:Usually once a week is enough, as you will need to practice and work at home, but if there is an exam coming up and you need extra

lessons, then that can also be arranged.

Q: Where can you buy your sheet music?
A: A list of shops in the area will be provided shortly

Q: How to apply for ABRSM exams?
A: Links for applications will be provided shortly

Q: When can you take part in a House Concert and why?
A: At the end of at least 10 sessions would be an ideal time to take part in a house concert, showcasing what you have learned in that time. It is important to take part in such a concert as it is a wonderful way to be motivated as well as take pride in your accomplishment. It gives you a good idea about what you have achieved and what your next target will be and the time you want to achieve it by.

It is a great way to assess, and self-assess, how far you have come and which areas you need to work on or improve. It is also a great way to get accustomed to performing in public.

And, last but not least, it is great fun, a lovely gathering of like-minded people, enjoying a musical event together.