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Rasha (Arabic for “the one year old fawn”) is a freelance piano and music teacher.

Rasha was born in Bagdad, Iraq on the 3rd of January 1965 of an Iraqi father and a Palestinian mother, who met in Cleveland Ohio, while completing their graduate degrees, and is an Austrian citizen.

Rasha received the initial music education from Russian teachers, among them was Mr. Igor Cerniavsky and Sergei Vermel, and Hungarian teachers among them Ms. Ilona Erdelyi, at the Bagdad Conservatoire in 1970 and until 1982.

Rasha spent her second primary year in Cambridge, which was one of her favourite childhood years of her life. The Primary School at Grantchester village and the surroundings, as well as the experience as a brownie was such a positive influence on her, it cultivated the love of reading, nature and the sense of community in her.

Rasha was accepted at the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts in 1983, Rasha went on to graduating as a Piano Teacher and went on to teach piano at a music school in Austria, then went on to teaching privately in the UK for 2 years. Following that, Rasha moved to Wales and lived there for 2 years, she had 22 piano students of different ages and levels, some of which attended and passed ABRSM grade exams.

In 2001 Rasha moved back to Amman, Jordan.

From 2006 until 2012 Rasha taught piano and music at primary and secondary schools for 7 years in Dubai, UAE.